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Kasya, real name Katarzyna Przedpełska, born in Lodz, Poland. From a young age she had a strong urge to become an artist and she pursued her dream by attending St. Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2003. However, it was in The Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow where during her busy time of acting, singing and painting she discovered her real passion for production design and photography. Her experience on stage helped to shape her future career path as an interior designer and her style in creating a very theatrical atmosphere in the places she designs. Her first amazing project in 2000 was a design of Steel Magnolias Club situated in the heart of Cracow in the historic Lubomirski Palace. The whole place (5 rooms) was designed in the modern secession style with made to measure furniture including four poster beds in the members only area, hand painted windows with secession motifs and hand made lamps bought in the famous Queens Gallery in Utrecht. Steel Magnolias was described as one of the best clubs in the world by many foreign and local guests until the change of ownership in 2002 and established Kasya's place as an interior designer. 
After this project many followed including Piano Rouge in Victorian style with famous piano keyed bar; Level Club where 30m2 of windows were hand painted by art students to Kasya's specifications and has been used for many celebrity photo sessions; and Nova the highest earning bar / restaurant in Cracow. It is worth highlighting that all places designed or re-designed by Kasya are still trading and doing well (most experiencing a 30% increase in turnover following her re-design project), luring new or excising customers to its distinctive, warm and cozy interiors . 
Her approach to design is complex and thought through and, with help of amazing team of artist, she delivers all elements to complete her project starting from small hand painted candles and vases, through to the design of fabrics for the hand made furniture and to lamps and wall papers. She also uses her photography inspired by her passion for paintings to complete her designs. Her style is famous in Poland and adored by all visitors who visit her designed locations in Cracow. She has been published in magazines like Elle Decoration, Newsweek, Playboy and Success and many more.

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